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At Chapter and Verse we review everything from brand new titles from up-and-coming authors to old favourites. We are particularly keen on indie authors and are always eager to discover new talent.

Our Team


Richard’s favourite authors are Delillo, Auster, Englander, and Carver. So if you write as well as they do (or Updike) he’ll take up publishing again just for you! Even if you’re short of that lot he’ll still like you if your plotting and characters work, you make him think and/or smile, and there are no typos. He loves spy fiction, psychological thrillers and biographies.


Louise CAV Reviews

Louise loves any book with strong female characters, and is especially fond of historical fiction, fantasy and romance genres. If she likes a book, she’ll devour it in a couple of days. If she doesn’t, she’ll not make it past the first thirty pages.



profile2Nick loves all genres, but is especially fond of contemporary fiction, crime thrillers and music biographies. You’ll most often find him reading in a coffee shop, intermittently absorbed in his book, and watching the world go by.




Daisy loves libraries and is addicted to short stories, autobiographical fiction and biographies. She gets completely hooked on family sagas, and hates it when they draw to a close. When tired she retreats to the cosy world of children’s fiction.



Chaucer Avatar

Chaucer the literary cat can sometimes be induced via bribery to review children’s books, or hardcore erotica. He bites books he dislikes, and sits on books he likes. He can never be persuaded to give star-ratings and since he has no opposable thumbs he finds it very hard to turn the pages of print books. It is for his sake that we request Kindle-compatible review copies.