Lavinia’s Book of the Month: March 2017

A Brief Word

First, an admission and an apology. I had originally earmarked this for Chapter and Verse’s February pick, but through indolence and negligence it got pushed back; I doubt anyone even remembers February by now, so I’m calling it Book of the Month for March.

This is not Lavinia’s fault, but mine. A thousand apologies.


The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

I was given this book several years ago (three; so sorry) by a friend who I trust in all things. But because beneath this veneer of being a responsible citizen I am a deeply awful person I only just got around to reading it. A couple of things put me off.

Firstly, the last piece of “art” I interacted with about the circus was the film Water for Elephants, which was super dull, and I guess I thought this book would be full of people feeding elephants in the night-time. I also thought it was a children’s book, because of the gorgeous cover and decorated pages, and I just wasn’t in the mood for one of those.

night circus 1.jpg           night circus.jpg           night circus 2.jpg

Well, boy, was I sorry that I had put it off. The Night Circus is absolutely magical. The titular circus is a magical travelling affair, and the venue for a contest between two magicians of opposing schools of thought, carried out through their protégés. I’m not going to give too much away, but it’s an absolutely brilliant book. I can’t recommend it strongly enough.

You’ll love this book if:
– You like magic and fantasy
– You’re keen on a “steampunk” aesthetic
– You enjoy fun

You might want to avoid this book if:
– You don’t like fantasy

lavinia collins authorLove Lavinia xoxo
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2 thoughts on “Lavinia’s Book of the Month: March 2017

  1. Hallo, Hallo – Thank you for finding me and following on Twitter! 🙂 I am starting to make my way through the book blogosphere visiting the lovely book bloggers who’ve recently found me! 🙂 I must admit – this is shockingly similar to my own journey with The Night Circus with only a slight difference – I haven’t had an aversion to the circus – as generally speaking – I practically grew up attending a yearly one and could not wait for it to ‘come to town’ as the saying goes! Always a highlight of my year!! Now then, shifting forward — there was something about Water for Elephants I never warmed too – never read it, never intend too. Just not my cuppa (for whichever reason).

    I started reading The Night Circus one Christmas (a few years back) – even tweeted the author I was thankful I was finally spending time inside her book – and what happens?! *Life!* To where the book boomeranged back to the library and has remained ‘unread’.

    It’s one of those books I knew I might immediately take to it like a duck to water and I was not mistaken – as even though I barely squeaked a peek into it’s opening pages – I could sense I was going to enjoy my stay! It is definitely a book I want to re-pick up as soon as I’m able too – as like you said, it just feels like a good fit for me as I a) LOVE the genre of Steampunk esp the aesthetics b) DEVOUR Fantasy c) remain curiously curious about illusionists/magicians/magic/etc!

    Thanks for such a happy post and likewise, I do hope I’ll tuck back into this story by end of year 2017; methink it would be fitting to read it over Yule!


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