Hollywood Hearts Ablaze – Kris Ashton

hollywood hearts ablazeGina Hall is a Hollywood executive producer and one tough lady. She uses the casting couch at the ripple of a pec, and if a wannabe actor doesn’t perform he’s history. Poor Tony Cantori, desperate for a part, is easy meat, “like a good meal, filling, satisfying” but disposable. Even Winkles, her cat who shares her penthouse, is “sleek, black and lithe”.

Then along comes Jack Triton with “his jutting, hard jawline and thespian smile”. At first he is affronted by the casting couch and with “his head high above his broad shoulders” he “leaves with angry strides”.

But all is resolved over real movie talk, the gym and “naughty” hamburgers:

Jack bit into his hamburger, a beatific expression passing across his face.
‘Mmm, grease,’ Jack said. ‘It’s been a long time.’

They get together and are forced apart. Will they be together at the end?

The movie industry and some thin sub-plots lurk in the background. Gina oversteps the mark and is demoted. Will she recover? Will she learn? Grow up?

It’s a quick read and has entertainment value, and I guess that’s all that’s intended. If you are put off by the following, it’s probably not for you; but if this appeals, tongue in cheek or not…

She tugged… and his tent-pole popped free

A lustful sound that approached disbelief

His words hung there like rotting carcasses

Denim-clad shaft


Rating: 3 stars

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